About me

Who I Am

My name is Markel, and I am an experienced Senior Software Engineer with over 12 years 15 days years of industry expertise. Throughout my career, I have focused on developing robust enterprise applications with intricate business logic, high scalability, and a large user base.

Professional Background

After initially starting in the field of economics, I quickly realized my passion for logical problem-solving and managing complex processes. This led me to transition into programming, where I have thrived ever since.

My Role and Contributions

As a Senior Software Engineer, I am responsible for overseeing the entire development lifecycle, from feature ideation to delivery. I select cutting-edge technologies, conduct code reviews, and ensure the smooth release of high-quality software. Additionally, I take an active role in designing software architectures, particularly favoring microservices and high-load infrastructures.

In addition to my technical responsibilities, I actively contribute to backlog management and task distribution among team members. I believe in leading by example and regularly engage in hands-on coding to tackle even the most challenging development tasks.

Personal and Career Goals

My personal goals include continuous growth in technical knowledge, refining administrative practices such as planning and backlog management, and honing leadership skills. I aspire to take on the role of Technical Lead or System Architect within a progressive organization.

Expectations for Future Companies

I seek to join a company that emphasizes quality product development, prioritizes proper software practices such as testing and documentation, and strives for long-term success. Furthermore, I value companies that maximize profits while providing a solid foundation for ongoing product advancement.

What Motivates Me at Work

I find great motivation in tackling global challenges, designing application architectures, shaping data models, and implementing large-scale features. I take pride in monitoring and maintaining the codebase, conducting code reviews, and overseeing release management. Additionally, I am passionate about creating robust technical infrastructures and cultivating a culture of excellence in coding practices within the company.

Leadership and Administrative Skills

My skill set extends beyond technical expertise to encompass leadership and administrative capabilities. I am skilled in conducting technical interviews, designing efficient data models, and architecting scalable applications. I actively contribute to the discovery phase of projects and excel in defining domain objects and services. When needed, I take the lead in implementing crucial services.

I also excel in task distribution among team members, creating comprehensive technical infrastructures, including CI/CD pipelines and orchestration of services. I adhere to naming and contribution conventions and ensure code quality through thorough code reviews. Moreover, I have a natural inclination for mentoring and guiding fellow team members.

I am excited to bring my wealth of experience, technical acumen, and leadership skills to contribute to the success of a forward-thinking company.

Markel Kaluhin Senior Software Engineer

Markel Kaluhin