Python Software Developer at Worldwide Manufacturing E.D.

Saturday, December 14, 2013
Sunday, July 26, 2015


Developed and integrated software systems for data collection, pricing integration, and accounting integration with commodity aggregators, as well as implementing a business intelligence system and preparing historical enterprise data for accounting.


Worldwide Manufacturing E.D. is a company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of printer inks, printers, and related components. They offer a wide range of products and solutions for printing needs, catering to various industries and consumer markets.


  • Developing software for data collection and integration with the pricing system of the largest commodity aggregators, as well as its integration with the enterprise's accounting system.
  • Implementing a business intelligence system using SaikuBI, integrating with the enterprise's accounting system.
  • Developing software for preparing large volumes of historical enterprise data for accounting purposes, specifically focusing on OLAP cubes formation.
  • Participating in the development of the enterprise's accounting system:
    • Designing the architecture of software systems within the unifiing accounting system of the enterprise.
    • Creating the Terms of Reference.
    • Maintaining project documentation.
    • Developing innovative graphic drivers to replace existing ones in the enterprise's accounting system.
    • Describing and implementing business processes of the enterprise, including the creation of user interface forms.
    • Developing interactive modules with different public services of the business segment, such as API integration with banking establishments, transport companies, billing systems, and purveyors.
  • Updating CRM software system, which is part of the accounting system, with a Service Desk complex creating on the basis of OTRS:
    • Forming the data model.
    • Developing software for the interaction of the aforementioning software systems.
    • Creating APIs for the enterprise's accounting system to automate external business processes.

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