Software Engineer at SoftServe

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Thursday, December 24, 2015


Throughout the project, I was the only backend developer. During the first month and a half I've covered all the initial business requirements, all the rest of the time I was engaged in change requests.


The American company engaged in software development, the main type of products - virtualization system.


  • Developing an application server utilizing the Pyramid framework, which acts as a synchronous web server capable of handling requests from both CLI and WEB applications.
  • Organizing ZOPE adapters and interfaces to streamline the work with the object model and application context.
  • Creating a module for seamless interaction with the SOAP API of the main customer product, leveraging the SUDS module.
  • Performing WSDL preprocessing (SOAP API specification) to optimize the system initialization process.
  • Working with the qemu-img virtual machine snapshot conversion system to ensure compatibility between the customer product and the OVA (Open Virtualization Format).
  • Developing a custom command-line interface (CLI) using pyCLI.
  • Generating specifications and built RPM packages using bdist_rpm to create comprehensive installation packages.

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