AWS SES, or Amazon Simple Email Service, is a cloud-based email sending and receiving service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allows businesses and developers to send transactional emails, marketing campaigns, and notifications to their customers and users. AWS SES provides a reliable and scalable infrastructure for email delivery, ensuring high deliverability and compliance with email standards.

With AWS SES, users can integrate email functionality into their applications and systems through a simple API or by using SMTP. It supports various use cases, including sending personalized emails, sending bulk emails, and handling bounces and complaints. AWS SES provides features such as email templates, content filtering, and bounce and complaint tracking, enhancing the management and monitoring of email communications.

AWS SES leverages the global infrastructure of AWS, ensuring reliable and fast email delivery to recipients worldwide. It automatically handles tasks such as email authentication, ISP throttling, and bounce handling, reducing the complexity and effort required for managing email infrastructure. AWS SES also provides features for managing sender reputation, such as dedicated IP addresses and feedback loops, which help maintain a good sending reputation and improve email deliverability.

By utilizing AWS SES, businesses and developers can simplify their email communication processes and ensure the successful delivery of emails to their recipients. It offers a scalable and cost-effective solution for managing email campaigns, customer notifications, and transactional emails.