Elasticsearch-DLS is an extension to Elasticsearch that stands for "Document Level Security." It provides fine-grained access control at the document level, allowing users to define access restrictions based on specific criteria or attributes.

With Elasticsearch-DLS, users can create access policies that determine which documents are accessible to different users or user roles. These policies are defined using a simple and intuitive query language that allows for complex filtering and matching conditions. This enables organizations to enforce data privacy and access control rules based on their specific requirements.

By integrating Elasticsearch-DLS into their Elasticsearch clusters, organizations can ensure that sensitive or confidential information is only accessible to authorized users. It adds an additional layer of security to Elasticsearch deployments, complementing other security measures such as authentication and transport encryption.

Overall, Elasticsearch-DLS enhances the security capabilities of Elasticsearch, allowing organizations to control access to documents at a fine-grained level and protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.