Tech Lead at SoftServe

Saturday, March 26, 2016
Monday, February 13, 2017


Tech lead in the development consisting of 8 people, with the total number of 15 team members.


The American company is not related to software development. The goal of the project - the creation of software for the audit of file systems.


  • Architecting the application using microservices architecture, aligning with the initial business requirements.
  • Formulating and decomposing the backlog basing on the initial business requirements, ensuring comprehensive functional coverage.
  • Creating functional prototypes to validate concepts and identify the most suitable solution.
  • Designing the data model for the application, ensuring efficient storage and retrieval of information.
  • Implementing CI/CD processes to automate build, test, and deployment activities.
  • Effectively distributing workload among team members, ensuring efficient progress and timely delivery.
  • Managing workflow to ensure smooth coordination and collaboration within the development team.
  • Conducting thorough code reviews to maintain code quality and adherence to best practices.
  • Adapting to changes in business requirements, updating and adding items to the backlog as needed.
  • Oversaw release management activities, coordinating deployments and ensuring smooth release cycles.

Technologies used:

Programing languages:

Version control systems:

Pipelines (CI/CD):